Summer Games Done Quick

Try to watch..

Games Done Quick hosts two events a year for charity. At this time of year is Summer Games Done Quick, or SGDQ, raising money for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). For a whole week 24/7 they livestream speedgaming from a hotel. Due to the stream being constant, you're always going to miss something because of sleep, work, or other things. Then going back to watch something you missed, means missing the current game!

There will be kind of boring games, games that take too long and that don't have any interesting tricks, or games you think you just don't care about. The last one is dangerous, skipping something from the timetable just because you have never heard of it, or don't like the game, can be a huge mistake! Some of the most entertaining runs are due to cool people doing them, or being glitchy as hell and breaking your brain with how they are possible or how anyone ever figured them out.

So this is where some internet community comes in handy, seeing what people on twitter got excited about, IRC rooms that you can ask what was good while you were asleep, forum threads etc. Generally a fun or interesting run will stick out in peoples opinions and you can plan what to watch when a boring game comes around.

So here are the games that I think were good to watch! I'll attempt to have links to the archived video but there is no guarantee they will have been uploaded yet, so going back through the archive might be the only current way to watch which might make half these links obsolete after 2 weeks.

First up is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (36:57) a Wii U Sonic game that gets broken a whole bunch, and the game is super bad in an entertaining way when being run. This started off a Sonic block of games, the others were not as entertaining, although Sonic Adventure (32:27) had some glitches, but was run by a kind of insufferable dude. Big the Cat's Story (07:05) is a short fun dumb game.

After Sonic comes Donkey Kong! Starting with a three-way race on Donkey Kong Country (34:55) which has the participants go through all of the stages. It is then followed by a glitched run of the same game that takes under 10 minutes. The linked video also has DKC 3 at the end, but that was really straightforward and not very interesting, only watch the runs of the first game.

I'm not gonna tell you to watch the Crash Bandicoot 2 run. But maybe watch this compilation of it that someone made because the guy running it (same as Sonic Adventure above!) was pretty terrible! The stream lost 40 thousand viewers and donations basically stopped. I have heard that he's been asked to leave the event!

Next is the ~spooky~ block. Resident Evil 3 (57:34), Resident Evil 4 (1:45:35), and Silent Hill 2 (1:02:13). These are all pretty good informative runners, but also go long. Worth it if you like the games.

The next large block was the Disney extravaganza. This started with basically a Disney version of Tony Hawk? Disney Extreme Skate Adventure (19:28) which is a pretty entertaining run, with some terrible voice acting and.. great music? Then some Ducktales games that didn't really catch my eye. Mickey Mania (21:18) and Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: HD (40:59) are both gorgeous games and pretty cool runs. The first is a bit glitchy, whereas the second is mostly just playing well and quickly. So I'd watch the first if you had to choose.

Another race, Maldita Castilla (35:00) which is made by the two guys running it. They are obviously already friends and are giving each other shit and joking around for the whole race, very entertaining.

Gauntlet for the NES (19:17) and then the new version for the PC (56:33) are both cool. The NES run shows off how ridiculous the game was, and the PC version shows how broken the new game is. The guys running the PC version in co-op are great and PJ famously breaks everything he touches.

That brings me to literally right now, where I'm currently watching Toejam and Earl. It's fine but nothing special. Later tonight is Octodad which I am super excited for as it is going to be a co-op run which will either be very impressive or hilariously bad.