SGDQ2015 Day 3

Unfortunately nobody got proposed at, at least not yet. There was a very long Mega Man block, but if you're gonna watch one I would go with the Mega Man X2 race (35:47) which has four people competing.

Then followed a Castlevania block of games. Symphony of the Night (33:55) is always done, and is kind of old hat, at least to me having watched a couple of GDQs, but the guys running these games know them inside and out and are good commentators.

Ori and the Blind Forest (44:05) made its first appearance at a big event, and it was awesome. The runner and commentators are fun, and they also had the developers of the game on skype to take questions and explain some things. They even revealed a cool cheat code at the end of the run!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (46:51) I never personally finished, so it was cool to watch just to see the whole game. The run itself was great though, as it is mostly just great execution, and the commentators on the couch are really good too. Speaking of games with great soundtracks Bastion (50:28) came right after and is a pretty cool run as well.

If you thought motion gaming started with the Wii, Kirby: Tilt N Tumble (15:16) played by moving a gamecube (yes, the whole console) may blow your mind. 

Ecco: The Tides of Time (41:00) is bonkers. The run isn't that crazy, just the game. I never realised Ecco was a time travelling dolphin that interacted with aliens. The commentary on it is also pretty great.

Freedom Planet (50:17) is a sonic-a-like and was done as a race that was very gentlemanly (they had an agreement to pause if someone fluffed a certain, bullshit boss). This run made me buy the game, so I guess it was pretty good? After that they had a real Sonic 2 race (25:46).

As I stop watching for the night a block starts for a game about some kid called Zelda?