SGDQ2015 Day 2

At the time of posting the last summary Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (38:19) was kicking off, and it was a fun one. Lots of impressive technical play getting a dumb monkey in a ball to fly where you want him to.

Octodad Dadliest Catch (18:45) being run co-op sounds like a nightmare to speedrun, but it was a very fun and entertaining time, with more glitching than I was expecting. The two runners are great as well. Totally worth the time.

Spica Adventure (06:21) is about a little anime girl with an umbrella? It's super short, pretty cute, and apparently a world record. The room is pretty full and hyped up watching this, but that's because of what was coming after...

What many now think is the best part of GDQs is the Tetris Grand Masters. The level they play at is mindblowing, and makes you feel like you will never be good at anything in your life. They show some of the more gimmicky modes in the TGM games, and do some head-to-head stuff, all of it very exciting to watch.

The next run I found kind of interesting was Bioshock Infinite (1:53:54) being a pretty recent game that I can actually remember playing makes watching someone break it fun. It has some neat tricks and skips but is still pretty long. The commentators are pretty chill, maybe something to leave on while you do something else. 

Lovely Planet (28:00) is bright and colourful and fast! Serious twitch skills on display in the latter half of this run, and good explanations from the runner and the commenters couch.

A bit of an NES block with Startropics (1:08:01), a good run with a solid commentary and  a Wizards & Warriors race (19:12) that was very close and pretty entertaining. Star Wars (10:58) is short and sweet, and it's nice to hear the music out of an NES.

METAL GEAR?! For the MSX (32:55) was a great run by someone who really knew the game, nothing too crazy, just abusing how badly they programmed the guards vision.

Rayman (1:28:10) is long but done by one of the most entertaining runners, and he is good at explaining everything happening along the way.

Currently MegaMan races are about to go underway, and everyone is saying that one of the runners, who last year forced his girlfriend to tell the stream she loved him multiple times, is going to propose after his race. Eek.