Ubisoft (E3 2017)

Ubisoft is always fun.

It leaked awhile ago that Ubisoft and Nintendo were coming together to make a Mario + Rabbids game. The art had the characters holding big guns or hand cannons but nobody really know what the game was. Turns out they made a Mario XCOM game??? It actually looks really interesting, you can jump off friendly units to extend your movement range in the same turn, take pipes across the battlefield, destroy cover with sustained fire etc. The tone is of course insane with the Rabbids still being crazy, and the Mario characters tolerating their presence, but the gameplay looks really solid and it could be a laugh.

Assassins Creed of course turned up here, but no real gameplay during the press conference, instead a promise of some footage after the show. During that they ran around and fought some dudes and it looks like assassins creed but now you have a drone, er, I mean an eagle that can spot enemies for you. It looks fine but I'm still not sure what taking a year off from the franchise has really done for them, maybe they should have taken a longer break.

The Crew 2 has ditched the undercover cop and crime story and it looks like you are some sort of famous stunt driver trying to get followers/likes on your activities. This time as well as cars there are bikes, boats and planes. Still set in America but hopefully they have done some work on the map, maybe expanded it out or made some cities more representative.

The next South Park game just got a trailer. They wheeled out Matt and Trey last year and it's not far from release in October so maybe that's all it needed. The super hero material doesn't seem to hit as strong with me as the first game did, as they had pretty much all of South Park history to pull from and now they seem to be in a more modern era of the show. It's hard to judge from short trailers how funny a game will be overall though! They also had some sort of South Park phone game? It looked like a card battler I think. It wasn't shown for long.

Okay what if the studio that did the ship combat for Assassins Creed Black Flag made a whole game of that? Skull & Bones is that game. But now it can be multiplayer. They showed a 5v5 PvP game and it looked exactly like the ship combat from Assassins Creed. Different people had different ship classes with different strengths... it might be a pirate ship MOBA?

Transference is uh. Elijah Wood is a producer at some new company on a VR title? They just showed this odd video and that's all I know!

Just Dance 2018 is a video game coming to every console that has ever existed.

Starlink is some kind of space exploration adventure game. It's also a Toys To Life game. The trailer showed some crazy toy ships sitting on top of console controllers, and the player swapped parts out to change them in the game. But this giant ship toy was sitting on top of the controller.. It seems like this is the space game that had a trailer hidden in Watchdogs 2, and if it is just a toys-to-life game aimed at kids I am a bit bummed out.

Steep is getting an expansion focused on the 2018 winter olympics

Far Cry 5 got a really small showing which seemed odd, but it's not out till early next year there is plenty of time for more to be shown. There was a quick gameplay trailer showing some AI companions you can order around, including A Good Dog who can attack enemies and fetch their guns for you to use.

They ended the show with a Beyond Good & Evil 2 CGI trailer. It's apparently a prequel, an always online space exploration adventure game in that universe but before the characters of the first game are around. The world looks super interesting but who knows how much of the game really exists and how long it will take to come out. People describe the original game as a Zelda-like and this new one sounds nothing like that, so hopefully just being set in the same/similar world is good enough for those fans.