Creators of South Park Matt and Trey come out on stage saying that they've learnt how to make video games now, so making another one should be easy! The last one took 70 years to make so hopefully they are right. South Park: The Fractured but Whole looks like Stick of Truth but now the kids are playing a superhero themed game instead of classical fantasy. I really enjoyed the first game, but not for the gameplay. The writing was great, but also used a lot of old stuff from the show and was quite referential. I'm sure they can write funny South Park jokes though, I mean it's them making it.

For Honor was presented by a crazy old guy with a huge beard and what looked like could be a cane-sword. He's apparently a huge military history dude, and this game seems to pit different medieval cultures against each other in some tactical sword fighting. 4v4 but with a bunch of AI enemies for you to chop up quickly, but when coming up against another player things slowed down, a lot of posturing, with raising and lowering of swords into different stances. It looked intense. It seems like there are a few teams/groups/races or whatever you can play, knights with big claymores, samurais and some viking looking dudes.

They announced some DLC for that driving game The Crew.

They also announced a DLC pack for Trials Fusion - Awesome level MAX which seems like trying too hard taken to another level. That comes out on July 14th.

The Division has been shown at e3 a couple of times now, but this should be the last time unless it gets delayed again. As it stands it should be out early 2016. The demo has a group head into a 'dark zone' which seems like heading into a mission. They're about to start attacking when another group of players turn up behind them who seem to have sweet gear already. They work together to kill the AI, and get some sweet loot. Opening the chest is not enough to have the loot though, it's infected with something nasty and has to be cleaned before you can equip it, so you gotta get home. The two groups head to an extraction point and someone launches a flare to call the chopper. The group we can hear debates taking out the other group, in order to steal their loot. As long as the player who called in the chopper doesn't die, they can still extract. They go for it but two of them go down in the process, the last man standing decides to leave their group, kill everyone and take all the loot for himself. Real dick move, but pretty cool that it can be done like that. There is still not a tonne known about The Division but it seems cool if it works like all the times it has been shown? Open world co-op loot shooter sounds cool to me.

Anno 2205 next where you can go to the moon! I don't really know much about these games but it looked neat.

Ubisoft always have to show off Just Dance, and they did. Including having an awkward musical number performed by someone I don't know, who tried to get the host Aisha Tyler to join in with the dancing, but she refused making it even more awkward for the guy singing. Nobody in that crowd is there to see you, nobody is gonna get up and dance, everyone is waiting for the games.

Rainbow Six: Siege got a bit of a weird story trailer and the celebrity that I've never seen before came out on stage and talked about how acting is hard but somebody gotta do it. Then they showed a co-op mode where your siege team fights against AI instead of the competitive multiplayer mode. I played the alpha a bit ago and enjoyed it, the destructibility is rad and the quick rounds in the multiplayer were good. This is a bit of a longer experience, and I wonder if the dedicated shield men are getting a bit bored towards the end of this mission.

Trackmania Turbo reminds us that Trackmania still exists, and now it's heading to consoles. This version has a procedural track maker so you can make a random track at the touch of a button.

The new Assassins Creed: Syndicate set in victorian London has some promise but with the last 2 out of 3 main-line games being pretty bad I'll wait till the full game is out before I really care. They started off just by showing a cg trailer. Then didn't follow it up with anything. They have shown gameplay before e3, but it's a bit odd not to have a gameplay demo at this point.

They closed out the show with a nice surprise, a new Ghost Recon game, Wildlands, a game about stealing cocaine? They show a co-op group doing a mission in a couple different ways, balls out action, and a more stealthy approach. Apparently an open world 4 player co-op (if you want) shooter about taking down drug cartels. Also they used music from the film Dredd so it's the best trailer ever because that film is incredible watch it.