Square Enix

Holy shit Just Cause 3 looks rad. You apparently have unlimited C4? Done. No word on official multiplayer like the crazy mod for 2, but they did let the creators of that mod into the studio to look at some of the game and its code. They might not be making it themselves, because let's face it if a real publisher wanted to put that out it wouldn't be as amazingly broken, but they're helping the mod community to figure it out as soon as possible.

A new NieR game was announced, without an official title yet. It'll be made by Platinum Games, who are great. It seems very early with them stating that we would get more information later this year. The director of the game doesn't like to show his face in public, and has worn masks at events before, and this time had one made up as a character from NieR. Most people didn't know this however and they gave no explanation or context. I love E3.

Rise of the Tomb Raider showed less gameplay here than at Microsoft but then had some devs talking about how good her face and hair is now.

Next they talked a bit about their mobile Hitman games, Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper. Now they are bringing out Lara Croft GO. Hitman GO was cool and had a great aesthetic, hopefully the Lara Croft version will hold up to that standard.

They showed the same Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer that Sony had, and confirmed that the re-release, stay with me now, of the PC version of FF7 would be coming to iOS and PS4 this year. Not the remake just another port.

Disney fans are crazy, and have been waiting for a new Kingdom Hearts game for awhile. In a similar move to showing the cute World of Final Fantasy before they announced the FF7 remake, Kingdom Hearts Unchained was announced, a phone game. Then as the crazy Disney fans started to hang their nooses they showed for realsies Kingdom Hearts 3. Although no release date or even a year, just confirming that it exists and is in development. The guy rode in teacups like from the ride then Pegasus from Hercules was there. These games seem crazy to me but people go bonkers for them.

Hitman gets another trailer and the same information about it being a digital release and getting new content through next year is repeated.

A new Star Ocean showed a trailer that made me think something had kicked in. Another JRPG series that people seem into.

Adam Jensen is back again for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and while the trailer is very action focused, they have assured people that you can still spend most of your time crawling through vents and reading people's emails. They have also claimed to be doing a better job with the boss fights, so hopefully you'll be able to sneak or talk your way through some of them this time.

Finally they announced Project SETSUNA but this was literally just an announcement that they're making something, with a new studio called Tokyo RPG Factory, which I guess does what it says on the tin. The trailer shows a bit of concept art but that's it, so who knows but I bet it will be Japanese as hell!