Sony (E3 2017)

Sony had an odd setup this year where they had a preshow before the real press conference, and were announcing games and showing developer diaries for about an hour before the main event. The only real big announcement there was Undertale coming to PS4 and Vita, getting a physical version and collectors edition, which I will probably buy as soon as pre-orders open up.

To open the show proper was Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which is a standalone DLC like Left Behind was for The Last Of Us. It focuses on Chloe from past Uncharted games, and Nadine from Uncharted 4. Of course it looks incredible and I'm sure will be very well made, I just hope the story and tone is different enough from the regular series to make it feel different. It hasn't been that long since the regular game came out.

Days Gone featuring large masses of zombies like the World War Z movie made another appearance this year, showing some motorbike riding, some combat and some sneaking around. There still isn't that much context for what the rest of the game will be and what has been shown doesn't look terrible, but it isn't super exciting at this point either.

God of War looks pretty good, showing some combat in with some story cutscenes. It seems like while this is a bit of a reboot in terms of the geographical setting, the camera and some of the mechanics, it is still the same Kratos and the past games still happened. 

Horizon Zero Dawn showed some kind of snow themed expansion DLC based around something going on up a mountain.

Call of Duty World War 2 showed a gameplay trailer, nothing surprising but it looks nice. They're big enough to do their own reveal thing for more story stuff closer to release.

Detroit: Become Human seemingly was here just to remind us it still exists. Last time they showed a situation with choices and branching paths and consequences. This time they showed us that but with some different characters. It also seems like babies first sci-fi story, what if people are the bad ones?? But it's David Cage I think most people expect a mostly dumb gimmicky quicktime event high budget narrative game by now.

For the Playstation VR block of the show to go along with Fallout 4 VR there will also be Skyrim VR, although not sure if it's a Sony exclusive or not. Final Fantasy XV has fleshed out their fishing mini-game and put it into VR. Super Hot VR is coming to Playstation. Bravo Team, the most generic sounding and looking video game ever, seems to be a multiplayer tactical shooter. Finally Moss, a game where you guide and help a cute little mouse adventurer around which seems adorable and hopefully will come to other VR platforms as well.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite showed a story trailer and it looks pretty bad and cheaply made

Monster Hunter World seems like an attempt to get dirty westerners like me to finally play a Monster Hunter. It looks like a console game rather than a handheld game that was ported. It also looks a bit more brown. The idea of those games has always sounded pretty rad so if they have made a more basic one for first timers that also looks nice I am in.

Shadow Of The Colossus is getting some kind of remake or remaster. It looks like a full remake rather than up-scaling existing assets, and I never played it so I'm excited as people like to go on about that game quite a bit.

Destiny 2 showed a quick trailer with nothing super interesting. Confirming again that Sony has paid for some exclusive content, a strike mission, exotic gun, and a pvp map. As an aside it came out that the PC version will be released about 2 months after the console version. Which is a bummer but short enough not to give a huge temptation to double dip.

Finally Spiderman ended the show, which looks very much like Batman Arkham game combat but Spiderman. Which I am totally okay with. The sequence they showed was a bit heavy on the quick time events but if that's just for crescendo story moments that might be okay. It's an assumption at this point but if a Spiderman game isn't open world with collectables sprinkled over New York what are they even doing.