The Last Guardian was announced back in 2009 from the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, both very beloved games so people were excited. Then nothing happened for 6 years and it had become a joke about it showing up. They opened with it and people were calling e3 being won by Sony already just on this game still existing. You control a little dude and have a giant dog with chicken legs following you around and helping you solve puzzles. Now we know the game is coming out but who knows if it will be any good.

Next the people who are normally stuck making first person shooter Killzone for Sony showed Horizon Zero Dawn which is a new thing, and looks rad. Post apocalyptic caveman like society that fights giant robots that think they are dinosaurs? It's not even my birthday! It looks really nice and sound like a cool world. This is Sony first party so chances of it being on PC are pretty much zip.

Hitman: Hitman was shown next. Okay that isn't the trailer shown here it is. But it really is just called Hitman this time. You're Agent 47 again, you're still bald and you still try and kill people quietly then shoot everyone on the way out when you blow your cover. The game will be out late this year but they are saying story content will keep coming out through next year as well. If that means the story on the disc sucks and doesn't end or if they just have new stuff planned as the DLC who knows, but it should all be free after the initial purchase. They have also talked about, well, effectively dailies. They will come up with a hit you have to do, you'll have one shot at it and only 48 hours to try and do it in.

Street Fighter V was quickly shown with a trailer, people that like fighting games and Street Fighter seem to be liking the new one and its new systems, so that's cool.

Sean Murray, who seems like the nicest most humble and down to earth guy in video games, took to the stage to show a demo of No Man's Sky which seemed like a direct response to everyone asking 'Hey, the game looks awesome but... what do you do?' So he flew to a random planet, scanned some things, uploaded data to a terminal and shot some stuff because it isn't a video game unless you shoot something. They say they are ready to announce a release date ~soon~

Media Molecule, makers of Little Big Planet have a super weird project going on called Dreams. It's one of their games, letting players create things and then putting all that content together for everyone to play with. You can use the controller to sculpt models and animate them using motion controls. No Idea what the actual game part of it is.

Firewatch announced it will be on PS4. This is being made by some people that worked on the first season of The Walking Dead adventure game. This one is first person and you have a large countryside map to explore that looks amazing, and you interact with a lady on the other side of a radio, the person in the next closest watchtower. The writing seems really sharp and acted well which is super important for this kind of game to really sell it. You can throw that turtle in the outhouse if you want. You monster.

Destiny showed the next piece of content available, an expansion pack called The Taken King. It has some new sub-classes which is cool, and of course new story missions and multiplayer maps. Sony as always has a bit of extra content on their platform for Destiny, some exclusive guns, a mission and MP map.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate showed another trailer, this time focusing on the Female assassin that you can also play as.

World of Final Fantasy looks pretty adorable and is maybe something aimed at a more casual audience that isn't really into jrpgs. For those that are, they announced a remake of Final Fantasy 7 which made people lose their goddamn minds. I never played any FF games, but people seem pretty excited about this thing.

Devolver Digital showed a quick reel of a few games they are publishing on Sony platforms. There seems like a bunch of style here, but it's far too quick to get much info out of it apart from the names and a vibe from each title.

I never played FF, I never played Ico, I also never played Shenmue. They announced and launched a kickstarter for Shenmue 3 which got a million dollars in about an hour, and hit its 2 million goal in just a few more. This conference was wish fulfillment fan fiction for a tonne of people, and I'm kind of bummed out that I'm not invested in any of these franchises to be this happy about it: 

I've never been that happy about anything in my life!

The new Batman game comes out next week! It has some exclusive content for Playstation that they showed off. It's a super weird first person sequence where you're playing a cop? You shoot zombie monsters or something? I assume it's related to sandman making you high as a kite.

Sony has their own virtual reality headset coming, Morpheus. They mention that it's cool and show some tech demos that they have had before, and mention a mech shooter that's being developed. They then quickly go on to talk about how them updating the OS and adding Spotify is also cool. The little time VR got considering this is the last e3 before most of these things will be out is surprising.

Back to games and CoD Blops 3 appears. This is odd because for years Microsoft have had a deal with Activision about Call of Duty. They used to get all the DLC maps first and show the games at their events. Rumour is Microsoft didn't want to pay for that shit anymore and so Sony picked it up. CoD still sells like hotcakes, but it has been declining. They showed a section of the co-op campaign. It seems to have the wall running from Titanfall, the dashing from the last CoD game, and also you cast spells and make cyber bees attack people? The future looks weird. They also showed a multiplayer trailer.

Another random montage of games we've already seen plays for some reason. Then a guy from Disney comes out to talk Star Wars. Not the one you want though, the ~toys to life~ series Disney Infinity is adding Star Wars to its latest version. I'm sure kids love it and buy a tonne of the toys, or well their parents do. Then the real one comes out, a guy from DICE to show Battlefront's co-op mode. Which is a waved based defense thing, which is a nice addition to have for a DICE game.

Sony finishes the show with a showing of Uncharted 4. The live demo had a technical problem, looks like the controller died on them so Nathan Drake just stood in the open market staring at people for awhile before they cut to a video of the sequence. It's a hell of a set piece sequence, and from reports of seeing it behind closed doors it gets even crazier after this clip ends.

They put on a hell of a show! But not for me personally I guess.