I really liked Star Fox (or Lylat Wars) for the SNES and the N64, so I've been stoked to see a new one. Star Fox Zero is the newest flyer shooty game starring a fox, rabbit, frog and falcon. This one  will be on the Wii U, so it has a dumb gimmick with the gamepad and its screen. The left stick will move your arwing around the screen, the right stick controls your throttle not your aiming. On the gamepad screen is a cockpit view that lets you aim using motion controls. Ugggh. There are mixed reports about if you can turn this off and play just like the old games. I really hope you can. Apart from that it looks like a cool Star Fox. You can transform your ship into other forms during the missions, like turning the arwing into a walker. The Landmaster tank is back and that can now also fly. It comes out this year so hopefully the motion controls will be confirmed soon.

Shown at E3 last year, Mario Maker returns rebranded as Super Mario Maker. It looks fantastic, super easy to use and an intuitive way to create all kinds of Mario levels and share them online. You can use the graphics and physics from almost all the 2D Mario games and create some hellish nightmares for people to try and play through.

Reggie talks to a guy from Activision for awhile about how they have let them making some Nintendo characters into Skylanders, the toys also have a switch on the bottom to turn them from a Skylander to an Amiibo, for the crazy people that care about those.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a long name, for a new 3DS co-op Zelda game where you can have 3 people playing as different coloured heroes to solve puzzles that only 3 small children could possibly solve. Apparently they tried 4 players but when they stand on each others heads that was just too high! Nintendo is weird. Another Zelda game shown was Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS, basically a remake/port however you want to think of it of Hyrule Warriors that shipped on the Wii U recently.

People really want a new Metroid game. It's been awhile so here you go! Metroid Prime: Federation Force is not what people wanted however. It's a 4 player co-op first person shooter on the 3DS, has nothing to do with Samus, and includes Blast Ball which is some sort of sport where you shoot the ball to move it? People even set up a petition to get this game cancelled. Nintendo fans are also weird. 

Fire Emblem: Fates is for the 3DS and looks like Fire Emblem, but I don't know much about them. It looks JRPG as hell and comes out next year.

Xenoblade Chronicles X seems to be getting a popular reception, although again it looks Japanese as hell and I know very little about the series. It has spaceships and big robots and monsters so it looks cool. Anime mech transformers or something? I saw a robot with a sword. Comes out this year on Wii U.

People love the Animal Crossing games, where you move to a town to become mayor and get a mortgage and pay it back to a racoon with collected bugs? Ok I haven't played one of these either. They announced Happy Home Designer for the 3DS which has you building and decorating homes for the animal creatures in the village. Seems lovely. For the Wii U they basically made a Mario party game but with these characters. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is just like Mario party, a virtual board game with mini-games and random events that can fuck you over for no reason so the whole game is pointless there is no skill involved! This is also a bit gross because a brand new Mario Party came out really recently, so they should probably have just made these characters as DLC or something.

Yoshi's Woolly World is just adorable. It looks delightful. I'm kind of meh on the gameplay of a Yoshi game, but this one looks so great that I'll probably get it just to have those cute images flash onto my eyes from a big TV in front of me. If you're an Amiibo nut they are also making a special yarn Yoshi that is soft and plushy.

Yokai Watch seems to be Pokemon but not, apparently full of Japanese references and a possible Pokemon killer over there, who knows if it will translate well to the west. Like Pokemon it's a 3DS game.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is the latest Mario RPG, people seem to really like them but I've never got my hands on one. They're also making Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, a tennis game! It has mushrooms to make the players big! Like in Mario!

They closed out by showing Super Mario Maker again, with some pretty rad footage of Miyamoto showing the original drawing designs for levels on graph paper they had to hand to programmers back in the 80s to get maps into the game. Tippex and all!

My Japanese game, uh, game, needs work I think.