Microsoft (E3 2017)

Microsoft had a lot to show! New hardware and lots of games, and plenty of long demos for games. It was a long presentation.

First the hardware, project Scorpio is now the Xbox One X, X-Box One X, XBOX, not XBONE. We really want you to stop calling it the XBONE. They waited till the end of the show and after they had shown off lots of games to announce the price, but it will be $499, so with how things are probably £499 as well. It's not available to pre-order yet though due to not having passed FCC stuff but the system is set to come out early November. 

To go along with the pretty successful backwards compatibility program for 360 games, they announced original Xbox titles will also be coming later this year. While I doubt as many people will be excited for this as the 360 program, it's still pretty cool because playing old Xbox games is pretty hard to do nowadays.

Now the games. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said they were showing 42 games, with about 20 of them having some kind of "console exclusivity". Basically most will be on PC, if they aren't already, but Sony won't get them till after the Xbox if at all.

Gonna start at the end with Anthem. Teased at the EA conference this is how they ended the show.

It looks like Destiny a fair amount! Open world action multiplayer questing. The action looks fairly like new Mass Effect, which is okay that felt pretty good. They didn't show off much of the RPG part (apart from getting some xp for discovering places) but I'm sure that will come later. It is still a Bioware game after all.

Finally all the leaks are confirmed to be true as we see the next Assassins Creed (Origins) is indeed set in Egypt, apparently when the assassins guild started. Funnily enough this one did show a bunch of RPG elements, equipping weapons with stats, earning skill points etc. The combat looks different to the past games. Different, I don't know that it looked all that great. The man on stage claimed they had to re-examine or re-invent all their gameplay mechanics, but the dude still climbed a wall, jumped on a guy then tailed someone for a hot minute before stabbing a bunch of people. Perhaps more unique stuff will show up at the Ubisoft conference. 


Crackdown 3 started very strong with Terry Crews on screen, but then he went away and the game actually appeared. It didn't really show all that much, just a few people running around shooting things but they did at least collect an agility orb.

There is an anime as heck Dragon Ball Z fighting game coming and even though I'm not an anime-liker, it looks incredible. They are using the same engine as Guilty Gear that somehow (magic) uses 3D models to present just like 2D animation and it looks amazing.

Forza Motorsport 7 started with some weird car porn as always. They unveiled a new Porsche supercar on stage for some reason. Anyway the game looks great, and runs at native 4k 60 fps on the new Xbox. Car games always show off new consoles really well. Those cars look like real cars!

The independent dev block went by pretty fast. Cuphead finally has a release date and just showed a quick trailer, they've shown it enough it just needs to be out and it will be in September. Deep Rock Galactic (which is already on steam early access) looks like Minecraft, Astroneer, Helldivers and Warhammer all had a baby. Ori And The Blind Forest is getting a sequel, with the art having much more depth to it than the first game. Titled Ori: The Will of the Wisps. Tacoma got shown again, which is Gone Home but in space. A weird surprise was Super Lucky's Tale, a sequel to the Oculus Rift 3D Platformer. But this time not in VR. The Last Night is a really interesting looking game with just a fantastic art style. It sounds like a cyberpunk action/platformer but there isn't so much gameplay in the trailer.

Life is Strange, a super good and cool game is getting a sequel and a prequel. The prequel is still set in the same timeline/universe however you want to categorise it. It seems to have you playing as Chloe before she got blue hair and shit went real bad for her, presumably you experience that. It will probably be pretty rough, but hopefully it's done well and comes out good!

Another Metro game, Metro: Exodus was shown off but... it looks hella fake. Those games have looked amazing in the past, and this does too but it's more the animation and gameplay just doesn't seem like someone actually playing a video game. It's probably just a super heavily scripted sequence to show it off. It sounds like it might be open world this time too.

Y'all like Minecraft? Did you download an HD texture pack for it ever? Well now the Xbox is gonna have one too. They also announced that you can cross-play across systems. PC, mobile, VR, Xbox, and Switch versions should all play nice together.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds will come to the Xbox later this year, probably when it's mostly finished with early access on the PC. I don't want to play that game with a controller ever, but I'm sure a bunch of new people will get to enjoy it this way.

Rare was back with more Sea of Thieves, which still looks pretty rad. It's not out till next year but it should be good fun to run around being pirates with some friends.

I never played State of Decay but people seemed to really like parts of it, and seem into having another one, so maybe State of Decay 2 will be cool! It looks similar to the first game.

Black Desert Online is coming to console too. I believe it's one of those MMOs.


Microsoft was long, and showed a lot of games. Although most of them if not all will still be available on PC (if they're not already), and I'd much rather keep that Scorpio, sorry, Xbox One X money for a PC upgrade down the line.