Electronic Arts (E3 2017)


To get sports out of the way, they showed Madden, which has a story mode thing in it now like FIFA did (I hear). They also had a bunch of guys hitting drums at the start with the Madden logo on? FIFA looks nice but people are saying they are focusing on the looks too much and the inputs are getting laggier and the game feels worse, especially when compared to PES. They also showed a basketball game, but they were supposed to release one in March and that is ??? EA have no credibility when it comes to basketball games and they also seem to make plenty but they never come out.

A very short teaser was shown for Anthem, the new IP from Bioware. Aesthetically it looks similar to Destiny, and some have rumoured it might not be too far off from a gameplay perspective too, a loot driven mmo type deal. They have more to show at the Microsoft event, most probably showing how pretty it runs on a Scorpio.

Battlefield one is getting a bunch of maps set on the eastern front, and as the rest of the game it looks gorgeous. I believe they said 8 maps in total? But Battlefield maps are still not free.

Need For Speed wants to be a Fast and Furious game, but licenses are expensive. Cool slow motion takedowns of cops, driving in and out of cutscenes, it looks very nice and is going to be an open world game. So if they can make a good Need For Speed while also going after The Crews lunch it could be pretty good. Need For Speed: Payback

A Way Out was my personal highlight, it was already announced I believe last year that the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons were working on something, but this was still a pretty big surprise, especially the great look and production value on display. The game is "forced co-op" so you need to have someone on the couch next to you, or you can also play online. One player can be in a cutscene while the other is walking around trying to get shit done, and the split screen seems very dynamic allowing for some cool cinematography when one player needs more screen real estate. There seems to be a big focus on giving the two players choice in how they achieve things, a few ways for them to start escaping the prison from the laundry room were shown.

Finally Star Wars! They claim to have heard the feedback from Battlefront 1 (the second first battlefront) and have made a single player campaign spanning like 30 years, all the movie eras, with you playing a pretty rad looking lady commander. There also seems to be a tonne of unlocks this time around, and distinct classes to choose from. The previous game was a solid base so hopefully it all pans out to be great. 

After the trailer they tried to show a 20v20 Battlefront 2 game with some live commentators to describe what was going on. Honestly after the first few minutes it sucked and I would have much preferred something more carefully curated to show off the game. There was a weird disconnect between the commentary treating this like an esports thing, and the way people were playing. The people playing seemed to be having fun playing the game, enjoying being a droid and flying through arches in starfighters, one guy even tried to leave the map at one point while on screen. Most people seem into Battlefront for the Star Wars fantasy part, not as a super serious competitive thing, but I guess EA don't really have an e-sport of their own yet so maybe they want one.

They also showed Galaxy of Heroes, the mobile game. It earns them a boatload of cash because, you know, mobile games.

In general the show was very focused on YouTubers and Streamers and a poor guy trying to intro Need For Speed seemed to have a teleprompter problem, and forgot to roll up both his sleeves