Bethesda (E3 2017)

Bethesda didn't have a huge lineup this year, instead wanting to only show things that will come out this year. So no huge surprises, a pretty short mostly uninteresting show, but then it took a turn.

Elder Scrolls-wise, the new MMO expansion adding Morrowind is coming, Skyrim is still coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it seems like they are adding Skyrim cards to Legends, their Hearthstone-like.

Remember paid mods being a huge mess? Well now they are coming back but with the nicer name "Creation Club". It looks to use some kind of point based currency to buy things on console, and apparently other developers will be working on stuff as well as general people making mods? This will probably be a much more curated thing than the mess on steam awhile back, so probably no nudie mods or using other companies models.

The Evil Within 2 filled the quota for trailer with a weird cover of a pop song. There seems to be some evil white goo covering everything and zombie type monsters attacking you again.

Quake Champions is maybe open to everyone now? Or at least the servers aren't just open on the weekends? They showed B.J. Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein joining the character roster with some ability to dual wield. Big talk about Quake being the original e-sport and the announcement of a tournament at Quake Con with a 1 million dollar prize pool.

Dishonored 2 is getting some DLC and it looks like it might be in the same vein as the big DLC they did for the first game, a standalone separate story. It seems to be about killing the weird black eyed dude who gives everyone their super powers. I haven't played Dishonored 2 yet so maybe its more of a direct link, I dunno!

The first mention of VR at this years E3 here with Fallout 4 and Doom being shown off. Fallout 4 looks like Fallout 4, but you can aim the gun independently. It looked like you could walk and not teleport around. The player also got pushed back by a deathclaw and all I could think was that might make me throw up. 

Doom 'VFR' seemed like a more bespoke thing, because i'm 100% sure I would throw up from Dooms real movement. It had the typical teleport locomotion mechanic and seemed like less enemies than Doom proper. It could be cool to see those demons in VR but the trailer didn't really show too much.

There was no information about how these VR titles are coming.. a patch to the original games for free? A DLC to purchase? Standalone products? I probably wouldn't pay for the Fallout VR but I might try it if it's just a patch. edit: Well fuck, Fallout VR is now on steam and it's £40? That seems totally insane to me, like not even a discount for owning the game already??

You should just watch the Wolfenstein reveal.

People knew this game was coming, but it seems like the success of the first one has let Machine Games get really weird with it, and it looks fantastic. This seemed to cheer everyone up after a pretty bland conference, so at least we got that.