Doom 4! Doesn't exist. It's just Doom now, with 'big effing guns' and 'moving really really fast' according to the man on stage. Maybe it's because it's an e3 demo and they want people to be able to notice details but the first long gameplay demo wasn't super fast paced. Non-recharging health and armour, just like the latest Wolfenstein is nice. Ripping off a corpses arm to get past a fingerprint scanner is a cute thing. It's on another iteration of the idTech engine, now number 6, and looks pretty good. The main gameplay ~thing~ seemed to be that you can stun enemies if you shoot them enough, they get a bit glowy and this allows you to do a melee finisher on them like kicking their head off with their own broken leg. The animations did repeat a couple of times throughout the demo though. Hopefully they won't get repetitive and tedious during the full game. The second gameplay demo was set in hell showing us some more demons and weapons. Nothing too crazy, typical doom fair with stuff like the rocket launcher, plasma rifle and chainsaw. The chainsaw seems to lock you into an animation which could get to be a pain. Multiplayer! Doom has it and it looks like you can be a demon as well as typical Doomguy, by getting a powerup in the map. They showed a map editor called SnapMap which lets you snap together tiles of rooms/hallways/environments to create maps, and also to edit game logic to create custom modes. Basically Forge from Halo.

Battlecry is yet another arena action game, coming this year. Doesn't seem to have anything special.

Dishonored 2 showed a cg trailer, with the main character being Emily from the first game who has similar abilities to Corvo and a new one that looks like a grappling hook coming from spider-man's wrist. The world looks great, and in the time since the last game sweet clockwork robots have turned up as bodyguards. You can choose to play as Emily or Corvo, each with their own sets of powers and weapons. They mention of course that you can still go through the whole game without killing people if you are so inclined. Oh hey also an hd remake of the first game for consoles!

Elder Scrolls Online still exists and now exists on consoles. Hearthstone is pretty popular, so they made a free to play card game with stuff from Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Legends.

The presenter makes a funny joke about the show being over! Then Todd Howard, a pretty cool guy, comes out to show Fallout 4. He started with a bunch of concept art, which when you're clamouring to see the game sucks but is nice to show what else might be in the game environment wise.

They get to the game, and it's colourful! The bombs haven't fallen yet, this is pre-nukes and you're part of a family living in suburbia. You can play as a dude or a lady, and can edit them both. They take the couple you create and use that information to make their baby (odds on the baby growing up to be the villain?) The characters are voiced, conversations can be in first person or cinematic third person angles, and you can walk away from talking to someone if you like. 

Stuff happens, bombs fall, and you emerge from Vault 111 200 years later into the wasteland, still playing your pre-war character who seems very confused as to how long he has been gone. Then you play Fallout. Combat looks a bit better, VATS is back although time is slowed not stopped, and it has a crit meter in it. You can play some old arcade games with a fallout twist on your pip boy, and if you spend all your money on a crazy version you can get a plastic pip boy to put phone in. They will be putting out an app so you can literally use your phone as the pip boy in your game.

Speaking of your phone, they took a break from Fallout 4 to announce Fallout Shelter an iOS (android at some point) game that is out now! It's like the base building from Xcom sort of. It's alright for a free phone game, and you can pay money for boxes of items but no running out of energy forcing you to pay to progress at least.

Back to Fallout 4 and customisation is king. There are dozens of weapons and hundreds of mods you can apply to them at a workbench, and this time you can also craft your own suit of power armour and make that your own as well. You'll also be able to build settlements essentially. You can scrap things in the world for crafting materials then rebuild houses, furniture, plants, computer terminals, turrets, and traps. NPCs can come and live in your settlement, and it will be attacked by raiders from time to time.

That's what Bethesda had! There's a bunch more information about Fallout in the demos given at Bethesda and Microsoft press conferences, but you're gonna watch the shit out of those so I won't go through them in huge detail. Video games!